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Why Fencing is Essential Property Maintenance

17 Aug 2020

Your fencing is an integral part of your garden and your property, adding style, privacy and elegance if properly maintained. Let’s face it no one wants a tired or dilapidated fence which makes your home look uninviting and unloved.

Ian’s Property Maintenance lead the way when it comes to all types of property maintenance plus any kitchen fitting projects you’ve got planned. Here we will focus on providing some tips on how you can maintain your fence.

Keep your wooden fencing looking spectacular is much cheaper than replacing it.

5 Ways to Maintain Your Fencing

Here are five areas you can look at to breath new life into your wooden fence.

1. Assemble the Right Equipment – Having the right equipment will make your life easier and cause less stress further down the line as you can complete tasks without having to stop to nip out and get more equipment. The essentials for fence maintenance are as follows –

  • Hose or pressure washer
  • Wood stain
  • Protective sheets
  • Brushes or rollers
  • Bleach or wood treatment

2. Protecting Your Plants and Grass – You will be doing some blasting with a pressure washer, so making sure you protect your grass and plants is important. To ensure you do not damage these parts of your garden, we recommend you lay down plastic sheets. Don’t forget to move any damageable plant pots or garden furniture out of the way before you start.

3. Bleach and then Pressure Wash – Most good hardware stores stock a proper wood cleaning solution for fences or you can use a mix of water and bleach. This would consist of one part bleach for every 2 parts of water. You will need to apply this solution to your fence before letting it rest a while to allow it to get to work. Once you start to notice it is removing any mildew and dirt, use a pressure washer to remove the solution. If you don’t own a power washer, use a generic hose instead.

4. Let the Wood Dry Out – Once you have given your fence a good soaking, let the wood dry before putting a new seal on it. This is crucial as you will not be able to apply a new wood stain if the wood underneath is wet. Remember not to actually paint your wood, as, without stain, you will not be protecting it as well as you could.

5. Repeat as Needed – The consistency of this process is up to you, with most people completing this task ever couple of years. If your fences are exposed to lots of water and sunshine they will fade quicker and gather more green stain and in turn require more maintenance. While you can get away with an occasional power washing of your fence, sooner or later it will need re-staining to bring back the vibrancy.

Wooden fences are simple to maintain if you keep on top of it, but if you need a helping hand Ian’s Property Maintenance is ready to support you. We can help with fencing maintenance or if you need a new fence installing we can help you to revamp your outdoor spaces.

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