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What Types of Bricks Are There?

09 Jun 2022

At Iain’s Property Maintenance, we pride ourselves on the completeness of the products and services which we provide to our customers in Stafford. One particular service which we’re proud to offer is general building work – including work for all types of brick. But what do we mean by that?

In the UK, there are six common kinds of brick that you’re likely to encounter or may even be in your home already. In this article, we’re going to go through these different types of bricks and give you some idea of where you may find them. 

Facing Bricks

Facing bricks are the most common brick type in the United Kingdom. They are mostly used on external walls, and are often found in abundance in homes. These bricks are often chosen because of their aesthetic appeal; however, they are also extremely weather resistant, making them the ideal building material. Subtypes of facing bricks include soft mud (known as stock bricks) and extruded bricks (also known as wire cut bricks) 

Extruded Bricks 

These bricks are hard and dense, and as a result are another extremely common brick type in the United Kingdom. As previously stated, these bricks are also known as wire cut bricks thanks to their heavy industrialised manufacturing process – which can see 20,000 manufactured in an hour. 

Engineering Bricks

Often seen in industrial spaces, engineering bricks have been manufactured in order to emphasise their properties as opposed to their aesthetic qualities. Truth be told, it’s rare that you’ll ever encounter one anywhere near your home. 

Soft Mud Bricks

Soft mud bricks, as their name suggests, are manufactured from soft mud. As a result, they feature a warmer and softer brick aesthetic in comparison to facing bricks. A subtype of sof mud bricks is waterstruck bricks – so named because they are removed from their moulds using water instead of the more common sand. 

Common Bricks

Common bricks are relatively rare in the United Kingdom as they are generally considered to be of lower quality than other types of bricks. If they are used, they are not typically found below ground level and even then they are mostly used internally for aesthetic purposes. 

Damp Proof Course Bricks

Damp Proof Course bricks, as their name suggests, have been designed to be as damp proof as possible. This makes them ideal for ground-level constructions or for projects near to waterlogged areas. 

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