Upgrade the tiling in your home this year

10 Feb 2021

We find tiling usually in the kitchen and bathroom in our homes, and when it comes to redecorating these are the rooms we usually look past. Whether we avoid them until it’s time to change the bathroom suite, or time to upgrade the kitchen (neither of which we change regularly) they often get left alone until they look outdated. But if you are looking to spruce up these rooms this year, why not start with a spot of tiling.

Change up the tiles

Changing the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen can give the whole room a new lease of life without the need to change those big-ticket items.
While you may think that the room will still look very much the same thanks to the larger items not changing, your tiles will draw your eye away making you see the difference.

2021 tile trends

When it comes to tiles, trends come and go. Some years tiles might not be on trend at all, and some years it might be tiny little mosaic tiles, so we’ve had a look at the trends for 2021;

  • Kitchen tile trends – When it comes to kitchen trends this year, the topic is thoroughly divided. On one side of the fence, we have the lover of bold and bright, with the trend being brightly coloured plain tiles in different patterns, such as zig-zag or ladder effect. On the other side of the spectrum, simplicity is key, with simple clean white tiles.
  • Bathroom tile trends – the on-trend til in the bathroom this month is big and bold geometric prints. The bolder the better! However, we do recommend using this as a feature rather than the whole room, otherwise, that relaxing bath, won’t be so relaxing!

If following the latest trends isn’t for you, there are a number of fail-safe options that can offer you a classic look. Plain white tiles can make both your bathroom and kitchen look clean and tidy, and can complement any other colour you pair it with.

What about the rest of the room?

When you swap out your tiles, you’ll want to add a spot of paint to the rest of the room to complete the fresh look. You can also look at replacing the floor, whether this is also tiled, laminate or lino. If you are looking to change up your kitchen, remember, some kitchen cupboards are suitable to paint (providing you give them a good scrub and use the right pain).
Changing out all of these makes for a significantly cheaper way to update the room without changing the bathroom suite or kitchen out completely.

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