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Trends in Kitchen Design

10 Mar 2022

Deciding to update your kitchen can be a massive undertaking, with dozens if not hundreds of options when it comes to layout. In order to make this choice easier for you, we’ve put together this short article giving you an idea of the most common kitchen layouts that our customers tend to pick when having their kitchens installed in their homes. 

One Wall Kitchen

One wall kitchens are usually found in smaller kitchens, where space is limited and productivity must be at a premium. Because of that, the one wall kitchen is designed to maximise the use of space in a cool and efficient way. Cabinets are usually stacked along a single wall, below and above countertops. This creates an orderly and clean aesthetic, without risking overly cluttering up the space. 

The L Shaped Kitchen

L Shaped Kitchens are, as you can imagine, an extension of the Single Wall Kitchen – one which elongates the existing benefits while also making use of increased space. The L shaped kitchen is one where rows of cabinets line two walls of the kitchen, with space left over at the end of one wall.

You can use this extra space however you wish. Pantry cabinets have been a particularly popular option. The L shape is a great choice for larger kitchens as it allows you to make the most of the space you have available without cluttering up the space.  

The U-Shaped Kitchen

If the L shaped kitchen was an extension of the single wall kitchen, the U shaped kitchen is the next stage in this evolution. In this kitchen design, cabinets and appliances line three of the walls – giving you plenty of storage space from which to make use. 

With this design, it’s common to have upper cabinets on two of the three walls – giving you the option to maintain an existing window space on the third or to give its own identity separate from the cabinets. For our money, we’d recommend keeping any existing window space as is, as natural light has numerous health benefits. 

The Gallery

The gallery is similar to the single wall kitchen in that one of the walls are covered in cabinets and counters; however, the key difference between the two is that, while in the single wall kitchen only a single wall is covered, in the gallery both walls are covered. This creates a ‘trench’ in the middle of the kitchen. This type of kitchen layout offers a great use of space, and is ideal for smaller kitchens. 

The Island

Having an Island in your home isn’t a completely unique layout option by itself; it’s more of an addition to any other kitchen layout. It’s an addition primarily suited for larger homes, with large enough space in the middle of the kitchen suitable for such an island.

Here, you can put a cooker, a sink, storage, or anything else you may need. Islands are an excellent choice for a family kitchen, as they offer an excellent social space. 

The Peninsular

It is related to the island above, but with an additional cabinet sticking out from the wall or cabinetry. This type of kitchen layout is great for smaller rooms whilst still maintaining the benefits that come from the island. 

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