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The Winter Remodel

17 Feb 2022

Spring is famous for its cleaning and rightly so: spring is the time of renewal, when we throw open our windows and doors and let the summer in after a long, dreary wintertime. However, while Spring is a fantastic time to clean  your house, it’s not the perfect time to revitalise your home. 

In fact, the perfect time to revitalise your home and get your house ship-shape would be now. In this knowledge hub article, we’ll be going through some reasons why the late winter period is the perfect time to start your home renovations. 


The first place any renovation project should start is outside the home and spring is the perfect time to make your garden look the way you want it to. At Ian’s Property Maintenance, we have the ability to breathe new life into your landscaping and garden. Whether you want a new  flower bed installed in your garden or a new set of paving stones laid in your patio, Ian’s Property Maintenance have the skills and experience to make your designs a reality. 

A New Kitchen

Another great place to look when renovating your home in time for spring is the kitchen. Perpetually busy, the kitchen is the heart and the stomach of your home, so it makes sense that you’d want to renovate it every once in a while – even if for no other reason than to breathe some life into it. 

We can take you through the entire kitchen renovation process – from the planning process (where you’ll pick out the specific style of kitchen) to the installation. The entire  process will be guided by your tastes and preferences. 

We can make any kind of kitchen you want: everything from quant, country kitchens with wooden countertops to sleek modern installations. 

General Renovation

Maybe your needs aren’t as specific or ambitious as a new kitchen, or maybe you’re just looking to do a few little things around the house. You’re in luck because we are well equipped to perform general maintenance. We can do tiling, plastering, painting, flooring, and brick work in order to revitalise your home. As with the rest of our services, the process is guided by your tastes and preferences. This means that you get the home that you want for a price you’re comfortable with. 

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