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Over 10 years of experience in all aspects of roofing and guttering in Stafford. Customers looking for roof repairs or a replacement roof need look no further than Ian’s Property Maintenance.

As well as full roofing services, we also install gutters and fascias to ensure that water runs off your roof without causing any damage to your home.

Professionally installed and well-maintained guttering will last a long time, which is important as the British weather calls for it!

If you have an issue with your current roof, gutters or fascias, we can offer a one-off repair to fix this. We guarantee professionalism and safe working conditions on every project we undertake, ensuring your day is uninterrupted and your home is safe.

Get in touch to discuss your roofing needs with the team at Ian’s Property Maintenance today – no matter how big the job is.

Our Roofing Services in Stafford

Roof Installation, Repairs, Maintenance and Guttering – No Job Too Big or Too Small

Roof Installations

We work with all types of roof structures and perform efficient and lasting installations that are built to last. From pitched, flat, dormer and everything in between we install roofs with the highest quality materials.

Roof Repairs

Sometimes when the worst happens, the need for a repair is unavoidable. If you’re in need of a quick repair, Ian’s Property Maintenance provide a service designed to protect against future issues. From repairing leaky or worn flat roofs to taking preventing future structural damage that could be caused in later life. Our repairs are to ensure they won’t need repairing again.


Guttering can sometimes get overlooked by homeowners. It is a vital part of your roof and we provide services to ensure your guttering is working to its full capabilities as well as future-proofing against problems. We fit either brand new guttering or repair your existing gutting using the best materials for the job in both function and style. Read our guide to installing guttering below.


For fascias services, we’ve designed a maintenance-free, cost-effective solution when replacing your existing fascia boards.

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Gutter Installation - Ian's Property Maintenance

Gutter Installation Guide

Here’s a short guide about how we install guttering –

  1. Establish the position of the running or stopend outlet then hang a bob from the fascia directly over the drain.
  2. Using a pencil we mark the positioning of the outlet and its fixing holes onto the fascia making sure it’s no more than 50mm below the level of the roof.
  3. Drill pilot holes then fit the outlet making sure screws aren’t over tightened.
  4. Measure from the outlet to roughly 100mm from the end of the fascia then position and fix a fascia bracket that’s higher than the outlet and the fall to the outlet is around 3mm per metre.
  5. Tie a line of string from the fascia bracket to the outlet and pull it tight, then using a spirit level check that the string runs slightly downhill from the fascia bracket to the outlet.
  6. From the fitted fascia bracket, we measure and mark the position of the remaining brackets and should be just about touching the string to maintain an even fall.
  7. Now we fix the remaining fascia brackets then we lubricate the gutter seals with a silicone spray which makes fitting it easier and aid expansion and contraction.
  8. Fit the first length of gutter working from the outlet towards the highest point, tilting so that it sits beneath the back clip. We will then ‘snap’ it into position by pushing down at the front.
  9. At the end of the first piece of guttering, we fit a union bracket screwing it into the fascia.
  10. Add the next section of the gutter into the union bracket with joints lining up with the insertion depth marked onto the fittings.
  11. Continue installing the lengths of gutter then measure the final gap with a hacksaw and cut a piece of gutter to length and finally fit an external stopend to complete your new guttering.

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No matter how big or small your project is we have the skills, knowledge and experience to provide durable, cost-effective and long-lasting solutions.

In addition to roofing repairs and other services, Ian’s Property Maintenance provide services for general home improvements, brand new kitchen fitting, gardening and landscape work.

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