Preparing your home for winter

08 Nov 2020

The cold weather has set in and you might be finding yourself continuously ramping up the heating, and somehow still not feeling the benefits. If this sounds like you, there might be a few ways we can get your home warmer this winter.

Draughty gaps

In older homes, and even some newer homes, you find that gaps appear where we least expect them to. Whether this is due to old plaster cracking, or something being missed on a recent home improvement, these need patching up.
We often find that plaster around window frames starts to crack or crumble over time, or if it hasn’t been let dry enough before being painted/papered. This can cause us to feel the draught from the outside, even if our windows are new. You may already be able to see any issues, in which case we know where to start. Otherwise, you can feel around your frame to see if you can feel a slight breeze coming through and cooling down your room. Head over to our Home Improvements page for more information on services that may help you.

New Door, New Warmth

We often talk about external doors and windows being the source of our draughts, but our internal doors are often part of the problem. There might be areas in your home that are significantly cooler than others, and no matter what we do, that’s just the way we are. But we sure can stop the spread of the cold to other areas in your home. Something as simple as hanging new, better fitting, internal doors can make all the difference inside your home. They can also change the appearance of your room.
You might even decide that your open plan living/dining room is too much of a wide-open space. Here at Ian’s Property Maintenance, we can change this to two rooms with a connecting door, or even looking at changing your configuration to suit you.

Outside preparation

It’s not only inside the home we need to prepare for the winter. The outside of your home might need some attention too. Many of us leave the outside of our home until the summer, the downside here is that any issues you might have, can get worse in the bad weather and become increasingly difficult to fix, or indeed more expensive.
Simple pre-winter preparation includes clearing those gutters of leaves and debris. When this freezes it can cause pipes to crack, leaving you with more issues through the bad weather.
You can also have a good look over your roofing and fascias for any obvious issues, getting those repairs done early can help prevent long term damage.
Head over to our Roofing, Gutters and Fascias page for more information.

Here at Ian’s Property Maintenance, we are on hand for any work you need doing over the winter period. Contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to help.

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