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Post Winter Home Checks

04 Jan 2021

Back in November we released an article about preparing your home for the winter. We know that the lead up to Christmas means that many of us are distracted and certain checks become lost in time, or become a “tomorrow” task.
In the height of winter, and after all the excitement of Christmas has passed, you might now be thinking “Am I too late for those checks?”. Or you might have noticed that the winter has already started to take its toll on aspects of your house.

Those all important checks

Whilst the bad weather may have already hit, you can still undertake a number of those all important checks. However, you will need to take extra precautions for a number of them.
Any of the checks mentioned in our Preparing your home for winter blog that requires you to be up ladders will certainly require extra precautions. Please avoid these checks until you have time where there is no rain or wind, the ground is dry, and you have good daylight. As always we advise having a second or third person with you due to the height.

Inside the home

As we have all spent more time at home over this festive season, you may have noticed small issues that you might not have noticed before, from little draughts, to the odd crack in the plaster. Taking a walk around your home can leave you noticing more than you thought.
For many of these issues, if they are caught early enough they can still be quick fixes, however some things may be a sign of something a little more sinister.
Damp patches on wallpaper or plaster, or cracks around door and window frames could all be signs that something else may be wrong. If you notice any of these signs around your home, get in touch to discuss potential work that will be required.

Indoor flooring

As we walk in and out of our homes during winter, do we notice the damage that we might be doing to our floors. Wooden or laminate flooring can start to look tired and warped when exposed to increased levels of moisture, then rapidly drying with the use of heating. If you have noticed this happening around external doors it might be time to invest in some new, higher quality flooring. Ensuring that the area has no leaks that can be soaking into the floor and finding an appropriate underlay can help increase the lifespan of your floor. You can also invest in a good doormat to help protect your investment.

For more information on any winter checks for your home, or to discuss any projects you are considering please get in touch today and we will be happy to help you. You can check out our pages on kitchen fitting and property maintenance to see how else we can help out in your home this winter.

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