Interior and Exterior Painting with Ian’s Property Maintenance

01 Mar 2021

Painting your home, whether it be inside or out, can be a somewhat daunting task. From considering the type of paint that is appropriate for the use, to masking of the right areas and laying down sheets to reduce splatter. Why not leave the job for the professionals to help you avoid the stress.

Painting the Interior of Your Property

The interior of your property is very unique to you, from the furniture to the decoration, no two interiors are ever the same. That’s why when it comes to redecorating your interior, you want to do the best job possible to showcase your personality and style.

Here at Ian’s Property Maintenance, we aim to give you the very best finish, without you having to worry about all the fuss. We can help you to choose the right style of paint, taking into consideration the room (such as bathroom and kitchen) to ensure the longevity of the finish. While the choice of colour is entirely yours, if you are concerned about how a certain colour will impact the feel of your room, we can inject our expert advice, which of course, you do not have to take if your heart is set on that colour.

Our team of experts will discuss with you on exactly how you want your room to be decorated, including walls, woodwork and ceilings. If you are looking to replace your woodwork to give the room a whole fresh feel, please discuss this with us as we will also be happy to do this for you.

We take great care in ensuring that any room in your home we paint, has no unwanted splatter or marks. This means that we may need to remove certain furniture, and cover others with paint sheets to reduce the risk.

Painting the Exterior of Your Property

When it comes to painting the exterior of your property, it becomes a much larger task. Even the longest of rollers will still have you needing a good, safe, ladder to ensure that you can get the best finish.

While the exterior of your home is exposed to the elements all year round, and can start to look a touch dirty after a bad storm, ensuring that you use the most appropriate masonry paint will increase its lifespan, and how long your home will look fresh. The wonderful thing about masonry paint is that it can also offer a level of protection to your home, so having this done from time to time is a great thing to do.

The exterior of your house can be messy business when being painted, from large blobs of paint, to the spray from a roller, we take extra precautions when protecting your property from the spray. Depending on the location of your paintwork and the proximity of your neighbours, we may also speak to them regarding covering certain areas or potentially moving cars. After all, no one wants the bill to repaint someone else’s car!

For more information on painting from Ian’s Property Maintenance please get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to discuss this with you. You can also check out our blog on tiling, to help revamp your interior.

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