New Year, New Kitchen

08 Dec 2020

The new year is a great time to look at investing in your home. Whether it’s the odd spot of decorating, or something a little bigger like some brickwork or having a new kitchen. If it’s your kitchen that’s the target this new year, here at Ian’s Property Maintenance we can get that fitted for you.

Kitchen Fitters

We all find that companies who sell kitchens, offer you a fitting service alongside your new kitchen. However, how often do we think about how expensive the privilege of having the same company fit your kitchen actually is. These companies quite often markup the price to fit the kitchen, knowing that many people will use this service out of ease.
Our team at Ian’s are experts in kitchen fitting, of all varieties, and we won’t charge you the earth for the privilege.

How can we help

Investing in a new kitchen isn’t a choice to be taken lightly. It can be a large expense, and for many households, it needs to last them many, many years. Which makes the planning process all the more important. Here at Ian’s Property Maintenance, we can help you from start to finish, and that includes the planning.
Working closely with you and your family, we can discuss the requirements for your kitchen, from finding out about your lifestyle, the main users of the kitchen, and your family, we can help to develop a plan that encompasses everything you need for the perfect kitchen for your home. We can also walk through sizing to suit your space.
Once we’ve planned out what you need, we can help discuss how that plan will look in your favourite designs. From ultra-modern, sleek kitchen designs, to a traditional country kitchen, and everything in between. At this point, we can also look at your budget as this may impact some of your design features.
Once everything is sorted, we can start to get that kitchen fitted for you! Before you realise, you’ll have a brand new kitchen up and ready for your first big cook. But before the big family meals, we’ll take a nice brew.

For more information on our kitchen services, you can head over to our Kitchen fitting page on the website. Or to discuss your needs please feel free to contact us today.

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