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Kitching Fitting For Christmas

01 Nov 2021

It’s fast approaching Christmas! This is the time that we find many people have ordered new kitchens and are just awaiting the delivery. For bespoke kitchens, this can be anywhere up to and beyond three months in some cases. For others as quickly as a couple of weeks. Chances are, if you haven’t ordered yours, it’s going to be a late Christmas present. But if your’s is due for delivery imminently, have you already arranged your fitting?

Delivered But Not Installed

As we get closer to Christmas we get more calls from customers who have purchased kitchens with the impression that they will be installed by the company before Christmas. However, unfortunately, larger retailers find themselves unable to install at an appropriate time to suit the customer. Meaning that if you want your kitchen installed ready to cook Christmas dinner, you will be left finding an alternative. Here is where the team at Ians Property Maintenance can help you. While we may not be free to arrive within the next few days, that’s not to say we can’t squeeze you in somewhere in our schedule.

A DIY Start

In a bid to save a few pennies, many homeowners opt to try and install their own kitchen. While this may have started with all good intentions, many kitchens aren’t as easy to install as an Ikea wardrobe. Meaning that after a few attempts, deflated homeowners will be looking elsewhere to get their kitchen installed for them.
Here at Ian’s Property Maintenance, we have experience in the installation of a wide range of kitchens, from classic country kitchens to modern, steel kitchens and everything in between. Making us a great choice to get your kitchen fitted professionally, without the big bill of larger organisations. We might even let you tell the family you fitted it yourself. Just remember to give us a call when they ask you to fit theirs for them!

For more information on kitchen fitting from Ians Property maintenance, please get in touch with a member of the team today who will be happy to discuss your needs and get you booked in as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you, and hope we can get your kitchen all sorted in time for that all-important Christmas dinner!

Here at Ian’s Property Maintenance, we offer a range of services aside from kitchen fitting. So if you have other jobs inside or externally to your home, have a chat with us, we may be able to fit everything into the same few visits to ensure that your home is as ready for Christmas as you are! We can cover everything from decorating, roofing and guttering, general garden maintenance and everything in between.

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