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How to Prepare to Have Your Kitchen Removed

18 Oct 2019

Getting rid of your old kitchen can be a tricky task that only a professional kitchen fitter such as Ian’s Property Maintenance should be undertaking.
For the past 13 years, we have been the leading kitchen fitters in Stafford, transforming tired spaces into spacious kitchens.

Essential Pre-Demolition Tips

Here are some essentials you will need to complete before we start removing your old kitchen –

Switch Electricity Off – Firstly, make sure your electricity is turned off and consider contacting a qualified electrician to remove any power points and make cables safe before removing your kitchen.
Turn off Water – Turn the water off to your house to prevent flooding.
Turn off Gas – Gas appliances will need to be turned off at the valve, usually located behind the appliance. Alternatively, if you are unsure, speak to a qualified electrician about disconnecting your gas at your gas meter.
Protect Flooring – We would recommend covering with hardboard or a drop cloth to protect your floors as demolition work can be messy and this will prevent scratches, dents or any other damage to your floors.
Remove art, fixtures and fittings – To keep any artwork, light fittings and handles remove them, label them and store them somewhere safe. A qualified electrician can remove any light fittings that need removing.
Seal off this space – As we previously mentioned, removing your kitchen can be a messy task, so sealing off this space will prevent dust and dirt from seeping into the rest of your home.
Hire a skip bin – Finally, hire a skip before you want us to start removing your kitchen as having building materials lying around your home can be quite dangerous.

Once you’ve completed all of these tasks, get in touch with Ian’s Property Maintenance and we can start the process of removing your old kitchen and installing your new one.

Talk to the Leading Kitchen Fitters in Stafford

Ian’s Property Maintenance has a wealth of working on kitchens of all sizes across Stafford, so if you are considering having your old kitchen replaced – please contact us to see how we can help.
We offer a comprehensive property maintenance service, which also includes home improvements such as plastering, tiling, brickwork, painting and flooring.

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