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Kitchen Fitters in Stafford make room for the Essentials

15 Oct 2018

Our kitchen fitters in Stafford provide homeowners with the essential appliances, storage and aesthetics to match the needs and requirements of our customers. Kitchens are much more than a place to cook and space needs to be maximised, our kitchen fitters in Stafford in ensuring all space is taken advantage of to ensure you get the absolute most out of your new kitchen. Here’s our top kitchen must have’s…

What can our Kitchen Fitters in Stafford get into your Kitchen?

If your kitchen is to live up to its immaculate design, you need these essentials:

  • Knives: There’s nothing quite like seeing a full knife block in the corner of a kitchen. Satisfying and functional, knives come in all sizes and are the basics of any top functioning kitchen.
  • Chopping boards: Where better to uses your range of knives than a chopping board. A good selection of chopping boards for the varying food types will avoid cross contamination.
  • Cookware: Whether your baking frying, grilling a good set of non-stick pans will ensure no matters what’s on the menu, you have the tools to create.
  • Utensils: As well as the pans you need a range of utensils to work in tandem. Heat resistant and non-stick utensils are a must have.
  • Storage containers: It’s only natural that we make too much food. So, for keeping your fantastic cooking fresh for the next day then a selection of storage containers are essential.
  • Bakeware: A selection of baking trays will ensure there is a tray for every occasion. From roasting tins to pizza trays and glass dishes, you need them all for a top functioning kitchen.

The above list can all make their way into your kitchen cupboards and draws thanks to clever solutions and bespoke designs from our kitchen fitters in Stafford.

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Here at Ian’s Property Maintenance have plenty of experience when it comes to designing, building, and kitchen fitting in Stafford. Our kitchen fitters in Stafford have an unrivalled reputation for providing marvellous kitchens and will work with you to create something really special. Take full control of your design, colour and finishing to ensure your kitchen is for you and matches your dreams.

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