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Jobs You Didn’t Know Kitchen Fitters Do

15 Jan 2020

When looking for inspiration for a new kitchen, we often stumble upon amazing spaces and have no idea how the homeowner achieved them.

Here at Ian’s Property Maintenance, our team of experienced kitchen fitters can interpret your ideas and inspirations and work their magic to leave you with the kitchen of your dreams.
For our latest blog, we are going to share a small selection of ideas and tell you how you can have something similar.

7 Ways our Kitchen Fitters Can Help You

Add Some Colour – A coloured splashback is a perfect finish for a new kitchen which really communicates your personality. We understand that one slip or a screw turned too tight will leave you with a shattered nightmare, which is the reason we calculate everything to perfection to ensure there are no unsightly gaps or uneven wall surfaces.

Simple and Natural Designs – Returning a room to a simple and natural state can be quite a complex task. Thankfully, our fitters are adept at working in different surroundings and have little difficulty, for example, adjusting cabinets and getting worktops to fit perfectly flush against uneven wall surfaces.

Illuminate your Kitchen – Decorating your kitchen with bright LED lights and strip lighting under cabinets, adds a striking feature that gives it a super sleek and ultra-modern look. Although the wiring may seem quite simple, using highly-skilled kitchen fitters will make light work of this task.

Be Bold with your Kitchen Design – If you have dreamed about having a heavy marble worktop, the sensible option is to have an experienced kitchen fitter to complete this job. Let’s face it, one stumble or trip will not only smash the worktop but also your kitchen flooring. Our fitters are experienced in transporting, carrying and fitting huge worktops for all different types of homes.

Mixing the Old with the New – Mixing a traditional look with a sprinkle of modernism can be a complex task only an experienced fitter such as Ian’s Property Maintenance can achieve. For example, modern cabinets on the left can be perfectly complemented by an antique island if all of the proportions have been measured perfectly and have a cohesive feel.

Love Your Curves – Dramatic curves, non-uniform shapes and varying heights are not your standard installations. Having said this, once in place it will feel like they have always been part of your kitchen. With no nails, screws or materials out of place, this finish will look seamless and completely transform your kitchen.

Stonework – If you like the idea of a rustic kitchen then you will need to carefully consider the design. Using chunky stonework will look phenomenal but you will need an experienced fitter to make this style work and look deliberately rustic. We will ensure no stone is out of place or there are any clearly defined lines – making the end result cosy, casual and natural.

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