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Your Guide to Installing Base Cabinets

03 Feb 2020

Once you have had your old units removed, the power and water supplies have been disconnected and the first coat of paint is on your ceilings and walls – it is time to think about installing base cabinets.

With over a decade of experience, Ian’s Property Maintenance’s team of kitchen fitters can offer you a first-class installation service.

For our latest blog, we are going to talk you through five simple steps to putting the finishing touches to your new kitchen with base cabinets.

Transform Your Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps

1. Using a spirit level our installers will mark a horizontal guideline on your wall where the top of the units will go, allowing for the height of the cabinet with legs. It is also important to line them up with any existing appliances to create a polished finish.
2. Beginning with the corner units we will move the assembled cabinets into place. The legs of each unit need to be rotated until they align with the guideline on the wall. We will then use a spirit level to make sure the cabinets are all level.
3. Adjoining units will need clamping together then a pilot hole will be drilled between the two hinge holes, through one cabinet wall and into the next. The units will be screwed together and for secure fixing, we will consider using cabinet connector bolts.
4. Corner posts where two cabinets meet in a corner will be installed to hide the gap.
5. Once the cabinets are all connected, they will need securing with brackets on the wall for each unit. Using a pencil we will mark the drill positions, not forgetting to check for pipes or cables before starting to drill into the wall. We will always use wall fixings that are suitable for your type of wall and try to angle screws downwards slightly so they can be easily accessed over the back edge of the cabinet.

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