June – The Best Time For Home Maintenance?

27 May 2022

Summer. For the longest time it’s been associated with holidays, relaxing and goofing off. It’s the time when we look up at the deep blue sky and collectively say, ‘it’s too hot today.’ We’ve all said it at some point or another, right? 

It’s fair enough to say that, of course – British houses just aren’t made for heat after all. But that point of view ignores the fact that summer – and June in particular – is the best time of year for home maintenance. 

Less Fuss

The first reason why June (and summer) is objectively the best time of the year for property maintenance work is the fact that it’s simply much less fuss to have it done during this time of the year.

For a start, the weather is a lot less hostile, even during the days when it’s raining. Unlike the winter and even autumn period, where it’s very common for the ground to become very muddy and water locked. Likewise, depending on the severity of the weather, it could even mean that certain jobs can’t be completed on the dates you want them completed. 

At Ian’s Property Maintenance, we understand that our customers are busy, hardworking people – people who expect their projects to be completed when it’s best for them – and we will do our utmost to deliver that work. But sometimes even we have to reschedule a job due to severe weather.  It’s not ideal, but for health and safety you just have to do it sometimes. 

But when you schedule work for the summer you don’t have to worry about that remote possibility. You can book an appointment with us with absolute, 100% certainty that the work will be done when you want it and to a quality that you can be house proud. 

You Have More Time To Admire The Work Afterwards 

Let’s say that you  have a new patio installed in your home. Let’s say you had a new patio installed in your home during the winter. It’s a dark, overcast day, and you think it’s going to rain in a little while. The work took most of the day and only finished  at about 3:30pm. Realistically, you’ve only got about an hour to take a look at your new patio before it goes dark — if it’s warm enough to spend any time out there at all. You could take a long look the day afterwards, but that’s the day afterwards – and there’s a good chance that the weather will be just as bad then, too. 

In contrast, having property maintenance work done in the summer means that you can enjoy the work that you’ve tasked your home maintenance company to complete the moment that it’s finished. 

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