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How to Plan a New Kitchen?

25 Nov 2019

When considering a new kitchen it is important to take stock of your current situation and how you would like the upgrade to work for you. The price of buying a new kitchen is important, but don’t be rushed into buying something just because it is a great offer. Take a little time to plan what you want properly and it will make the whole process a much better experience and you will be much happier with the finished result.

The New Kitchen Planning Process

1. Assess all your needs – Consider how you want to use the room in its future state. Clear out any unused gadgets and cooking equipment so that you can clearly see what is in front of you. Make plenty of notes and sketches of your ideas first.
2. Consider the Practicalities – How do you move around the space? What storage and appliances do you need? Will this be a space for entertaining?
3. Plumbing and heating – Changes in your kitchen layout may require one or both of these elements relocating. This can add additional cost to the project and require specialists.
4. Consider lighting – beyond having main lighting, think about having secondary options over key preparation and cooking areas.
5. Decide on a Budget – It’s easy to get carried away. But recognising the constraints of the room and working around existing door and window features along with the level of finish can help to create a realistic budget.
6. Seek advice – Not all kitchens are the same and not everyone’s lifestyle is either. To get the space to work for you, getting advice can be very helpful. Kitchen layouts tend to be either L-shaped, U-shaped, G-shaped, Single-wall kitchens, Island, or Galley. Professional help will assist you in maximising these options.

Plan Your New Kitchen with Professional Advice

Planning your new kitchen is exciting, but with so many factors to consider, it can be useful to get assistance and advice from a professional kitchen installer. Ian’s Property Maintenance are kitchen fitters in Stafford and have been in the trade since 2006. We can give you tips and advice at the early stage to help you maximise your budget and get the most out of the space. We understand that this is the busiest room in your house and the heart of your home, whether this is in a small flat or an expansive house. Contact us today to book an appointment and start the journey to your new kitchen.

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