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Home Painting FAQs Answered

25 Aug 2020

Part of our property maintenance service here at Ian’s Property Maintenance includes home painting for property owners looking to revamp their property’s look.

We often get questions from potential customers before commencing work, which is why we have drawn up this handy summary of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to painting.

Why Should I Paint My Home?

Giving your home a lick of paint is important from a cosmetic standpoint plus it protects your property. Think of a paint job as the skin of the interior of your home which protects the surface areas from the elements. A re-paint also creates a mood for your home and will make a big difference.

How Do I Prepare My House for Painting?

Our painting team will protect all of your furniture, fixtures and floor coverings when preparing the area. We will ask that you clear the room of small items and breakables though. We can also assist with moving bigger items when we arrive at your home.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Painter?

There are a number of reasons for hiring a professional to paint your home or office. The most obvious is the time it will save you, plus hiring a contractor ensures your project meets health codes, is properly prepped and cleaned up when complete. Rather than messing about with ladders, toxic fumes and messy cleanup, hire Ian’s Property Maintenance team to get the project done quickly and skillfully.

What Happens If My Exterior Paint is Peeling and Cracking?

This means it is time to repaint, depending on how severe the peeling and cracking of the paint is. The longer paint is left to peel and crack, the greater the chances the unpainted wood could deteriorate and need replacing. Most damage will be hidden from view behind the loose paint and will continue to get worse with the length of time it is left untreated. Consult professional painters such as Ian’s Property Maintenance to evaluate your home’s exterior painting requirements.

My Home’s Exterior Was Recently Painted But Appears Dull and Dirty, Does it Need Repainting?

Repainting is only required if the paint is fading, cracking or you notice peeling paint. Using a pressure washer on your home’s exterior will give it a fresh clean look of new paint, whilst removing dirt and insects from the surface. If your paint continues to look faded after pressure washing, you should consider having it repainted.

What are Different Paint Sheens?

Sheen refers to the light reflectivity of the painted or varnished surface, with varying degrees of sheen – from no sheen to a high gloss. Though some paint manufacturers may refer to paint sheens by different names, typically from lowest to highest, paint sheens match the following reflective degrees :

  • Flat finish
  • Eggshell finish
  • Satin finish
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • High gloss finish

Does it Matter Which Colour I Choose?

Yes, as tinted paint costs more than white or magnolia and cannot be returned. It also depends on existing colours that need covering, as for example, strong dark blues and browns could take four to five coats to disappear. Reds and yellows do not cover well and will usually need an extra layer. Repainting a brown with a yellow will incur further cost and time. We would recommend (if possible), repainting with the same colour.

How Long Does My Exterior Paint Job Last?

Generally, an exterior painting job will last between 5-10 years, but this could depend on your location as changing temperatures can loosen paint sooner.

We would recommend not putting off your exterior painting until the house is badly peeling. When it gets to that condition, you will end up spending more in preparation time plus repair work for dry rot.

If your property is in a bad condition, go the extra mile and ensure surface preparation is done. This will create a sound surface for the new coats to adhere to, which requires more time but this is necessary for your paint job to last.

What is Paint Made Of?

Paint is a group of emulsions made up of pigments suspended in liquid. The paint used on homes today is made from a variety of compounds with some optimised for residential, commercial or furniture purposes.

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