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Is it Better to Install Hardwood Floors Before Cabinets?

06 Apr 2022

As the leading kitchen fitters in Stafford, Ian’s Property Maintenance have years of experience of installing hardwood floors and cabinets right across homes.

4 Reasons Kitchen Fitters Install Hardwood Floors First

For our latest post, we are going to share a number of reasons why you should have hardwood floors installed before adding cabinets.

Proper Heights

It is important that your cabinets are the standard 36 inches above the floor which is why your appliances need to be at an equal height. This makes it easier if there are any issues later if/when you would like to change the appliances.

For example, you would not want your dishwasher trapped underneath the floor meaning you would need to rip up portions of the floor to remove it.

An alternative method to achieve height consistency is inserting plywood underneath cabinets but this can lead to other issues such as paying for labour for cutting the plywood around cabinets.

Flexibility Means You Can Change Cabinet Footprint Later

Typically hardwood floors will outlast your cabinets. Different styles of the cabinet will come and go over the years and need to be replaced due to wear and tear. On the other hand, solid hardwood floors can last over 100 years.

Colour preferences will change but wood floors will often remain through kitchen renovations. Having hardwood throughout your floors means if you change the footprint of your cabinets or move appliances, you still have consistent wood flooring throughout your kitchen.

A Cleaner Look

Having hardwood floors installed gives you the opportunity for a cleaner look to your kitchen. You will not have to worry about adding quarter round to the cabinets plus you can just have clean toe kicks which match the cabinets. Hardwood floors will flow underneath the cabinets.

Safe Cabinets

You can avoid potential nicks or stains on your cabinets which can happen during the demo, install or sanding process for your floors. If nicks or stains do happen you will need to either live with the damage or replace the cabinet. You will get a much cleaner look if your hardwood floors are done first.

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