Good Weather Home Checks

28 May 2021

We often remind our customers to ensure that they check over their homes both before and after the bad weather for signs of ageing and damage. Whether this is a few missing roof tiles, some broken guttering or even a wobbly slab. However, we know that not everyone will always remember these checks in winter, so why not make those checks now?

Checking In Better Weather

When completing your home checks in the milder weather, there are both downsides and benefits. So you will need to take these into consideration and adjust your checks accordingly.

Benefits Of Fair Weather

When the weather is dry and bright it can make a number of tasks easier and safer. The main one that you can do in nicer weather is to check your roof over visually. This means checking your roof for cracks and moss. Cracks can allow moisture into the roof and cause more issues in the long run, including leaks and dampness. Moss can also be a sign of hidden cracks and gaps that will need addressing.
The nicer weather will also allow you to do a complete walk around the outside of your home. Something that you may not do very often. While walking around, look out for anything that looks out of the ordinary, or something that just doesn’t look quite right to you. More often than not, it will either be nothing, or something very small. However, it’s better to catch it when it’s small, rather than allow it to become a larger and more concerning issue.
This includes having a walk of your garden. After bouts of heavy rain, you might find that ground under slabs has shifted and those slabs are no longer stable.

Pitfalls Of Fair Weather

The pitfalls of checking your home in the fair-weather are more benefits to checking in poor weather than anything. Such as checking your guttering. While you can check the appearance of your guttering at any time, and ensure that there is no moss and cracks, you can never truly know that it is still fit for purpose until there is a significant amount of rain.
Another pitfall can be the lack of wind. When you have the wind whistling around outside you can check the seals around your doors and windows for any signs of draught or cool air, which is usually absent in summer.

For more information on the checks you can make around your home this summer please contact a member of our friendly team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also check out our blogs for a range of information on other services that we offer.

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