Getting Your Gutters In Check

30 Jul 2021

Your gutters play a big part in protecting your house during the rainy season. However, if you let it get to the rainy season before giving them a good check over, you’ve already left it too late. So why do you need to check your gutters, and when is the best time to get it done?

The Importance Of Gutters

While your roof protects the main bulk of your house from the elements, you also find that the rainwater and snow that runs from your roof needs somewhere to go. This is where your gutters come into play. Should your home or building not have gutters, all of that excess rainwater would flow straight down your walls and pool at the foot of your house. Over time this rain will start to work its way into your brickwork and even wash away mortar over time. Not to mention the erosion that can occur at the foot of your house. Remember, rainfall isn’t so concentrated, but when it runs off your roof it is more concentrated and even falls with more force.

What Do I Need To Check?

When It comes to checking your gutters there are a few key elements that are important for you to check.
Firstly, you need to check the condition of the guttering itself. Typically guttering these days is made of uPVC. Over the course of 25 years, this uPVC is exposed to all elements, from heavy rain to frosts and extreme UV rays, meaning it can crack, warp, split or just generally deteriorate. Any signs of ageing may be a signal for you to start considering having it replaced, but if cracks and warping have already occurred, it certainly needs replacing before the rainy season hits.
You will also need to check all of the fixtures. Over time, heavy downpours, snow and ice can drag down the guttering due to the increased weight. This causes extra pressure on the brackets and fixings that attach the gutter to the walls. These brackets can sometimes be repaired by simply retightening them to the wall. Other times they may need to be replaced, you will also need to check the wall where they are attached for damage.
Finally, you need to check your downpipes. Many people forget to check downpipes as they seldom have issues. However, they can sometimes come apart or even crack. This means that the rainwater will not be entering the drainage system effectively.

When Should I Do My Checks?

We recommend completing these checks yearly, even if your guttering isn’t that old. If your guttering is still fairly new it can still be affected by the elements. Poor installation can also lead to issues early on so it will still be important to check.
In terms of what time of year is best to check, consider the end of summer a good time. This way you still have excellent levels of visibility and less risk of rain. You will want to ensure that these checks are done in time o be replaced or repaired if needed in time for the heavy autumnal rains.

For more information on checking your guttering, or if you need help in repairing or replacing, please get in touch with us today and we will be happy to assist you. Check back to our blogs regularly for more ideas and information on how we can assist you.

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