General Building and Home Improvements in Stafford

Are you looking to improve your home and increase the overall value? Or perhaps you’ve just moved into a new house and have noticed that there are a lot of odd jobs that need doing?

We have a vision from the moment we walk through your door. Our team help create an appealing space no matter where it is in your home. We don’t believe in single skill labour and have years of experience delivering services to our customers that benefit their home and match their requirements.

We provide homeowners with functional, desirable and stylish living space, that is built to last. We take care and consideration when we go about your property maintenance. Careful planning, preparation and communication with our clients is taken before any work starts.

Our Home Improvement Services in Stafford

At Ian’s Property Maintenance, we specialise in the general building and plastering work that very often need to be done before further decorating work can be completed. With over a decade of experience, we ensure that all of our work is completed to a very high standard.

Some of our General Building, Repairs and Home Improvement services including


We plaster, coat, protect and decorate internal walls and ceilings with a flat finish with no bumps or cracks.


Our tiling services include both walls and floors in a range of materials. We work tiling for domestic bathrooms and kitchens and more.


We provide all types of brickwork for all era and property types. Whether it’s for walls or bespoke builds, we can help


We have an eye for detail and a steady hand, our professional painters don’t settle for ‘that will do’ therefore we constantly inspect our work ensure a perfect finish.


No matter the floor you select, if you’re looking for a professional service to lay your floor Ian’s Property Maintenance can help.

Property maintenance in Stafford

Property maintenance in Stafford

brickwork - Ian's Property Maintenance

Your Choice of Brickwork

Brick walls can serve many purposes in your home such as being load-bearing walls or used for decorative purposes such as veneer walls. While structural walls need solid structural bonds, veneer walls can use any bond pattern.

Here are a few pattern choices we’d recommend –

Stretcher Bond/Running Bond – One of the most commonly used brick bonds this is very easy to lay and is frequently used for – Sleeper Walls, Partition Walls, Divisional Walls and Chimney Stacks.
English Bond – English bond is mostly used in masonry works, with the bond comprising of alternating courses of headers and stretchers.
Stack Bond – All of the bricks in a stack bond are plainly loaded on top of each other and held with mortar with all the bonds perfectly aligned.
Dutch Bond – A variation on the English Bond, this consist of alternate courses of headers and stretchers and is perfect to construct strong corners along the wall that are subjected to excessive loads.
Diagonal Bond – Ideal for walls of two to four brick thickness, diagonal bonds are usually introduced at every 5th or 7th course along the height of the wall. The bricks are placed end to end in such a way that extreme corners of the sequence remain in contact with the stretchers.

Find out more about our Home Improvement Services in Stafford

We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing honest, fresh and creative ideas to improve your home. Whether you simply need a living room wall plastering, or you’re looking to plan a complex building job, we can provide the service for you.

Take a look at our gallery and for a first hand look at some of our previous work, and if you like what you see please get in touch with us today. A member of our team will be happy to discuss your property maintenance needs at length and arrange a start date that is in line with your schedule.

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