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Garden Landscaping

01 Apr 2021

Our gardens are our little outdoor sanctuary. Our own personal slice of the outside world. So why not make it entirely unique to you. From where you want specific flowers, the shape of your lawn, and where you want your patio. Create your own space with a whole new garden landscape.

Landscape design

Turning your garden into your vision can seem a bit daunting when you look at how the space currently looks. Our team can work with you to get your ideas onto paper. Once you have your ideas on paper, we can take these away and entirely transform your landscape, whether you want to be involved step by step, or you are looking for the wow factor at the end.

Ian’s Property Maintenance

There are a number of different things that we can do to make a big impact in your garden. It’s not all about digging out flower beds and laying turf to give you a garden. Some ideas on what we can add to your garden to make it unique include:
Patios can be the main feature of your garden, especially if you are likely to use the space to entertain guests. Depending on your garden, it might even take up the most space. Our team of experts can ensure that you have the right patio for your space. Read more about patios from Ians in our latest blog.
Patios aren’t for everyone, so why not consider a stunning decking for your garden. Patios can be raised above the ground to give you a grand feeling over your garden. They can also be created in any style and shape to suit your new garden landscape.
Sometimes it’s not about what is in your garden itself, but more about what lines the perimeter of your garden. A new fence can make all the difference. So whether you are changing your fence panels like for like, or you are looking for a totally new style of fence, complete with new fence posts, our team is on hand to help.

Lawns and borders

We can’t ignore the obvious differences that we can make to your garden. Over time, some lawns can start to become full of moss and weeds. And once we remove these the grass can look bare or patchy. Why not dig up your tired existing lawn, and treat your garden to some brand new, heavy-duty turf. So even if the kids are playing on it, or the dogs racing up and down, it will still look great all year round.
We strongly believe that the plants in your borders are entirely personal preference. Some may like violas, while others prefer alpines, and some might think we’re talking double dutch and just want something easy to care for. You can discuss your preferences or needs with our team and we can help you to get the most appropriate plants into your garden.

For more information about landscaping your garden with Ians Property Maintenance, get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also head over to our blogs for ideas on how we can help you inside your home.

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