Do You Have A Patio, Or A Mud Bath?

15 Oct 2021

Over the last few weeks, we have seen some severe downpours in the UK. This means that we have all been looking out of our back windows at the mud bath that should have been a DIY patio at the start of the summer. Is the plan to leave your mud bath until the spring, or shall we give you a hand in getting your patio looking as it should have done in the summer?

The DIY Patio

With several lockdowns now behind us, many people are finding that they started a project around their home that is now sitting unfinished. The most common one that we have seen in the Stafford area is unfinished patios.
Many people have managed to dig out the area ready for the patio, perhaps a little uneven, but the primary digging has begun. However, for many, this is where it halted. In many cases, this has been due to the majority of garden centres and DIY stores having very limited stock throughout the majority of 2021 thanks to shipping issues nationwide. The good news is that in many cases this has been resolved (for DIY and garden centres at least, supermarkets are in a different boat).

Starting From Scratch

It may be the case that you never actually got as far as digging out your ground ready for your patio. You have simply decided where it should be and roughly how you want it to look. This means that the team here at Ian’s Property Maintenance can start from scratch. While we love it when some of the work has already been done for us, starting from scratch also allows us to dig out as much or as little of the ground as we need to ensure that the new patio will be level and sturdy.

Where To Go From Here

Once the area has been dug out, the bed will need to be laid for the slabs to sit on. In many cases, this will include a thin layer of hardcore, typically MOT type 1 hardcore, topped with sharp sand. Some patios will be laid with cement, others will be laid on the sand. This can depend on the ground, the drainage, the usage and even the slaps that are being used. Our team will be able to discuss this with you when we come to assess the area. This will ensure that you have the best patio for your needs and to suit your garden.

While you may not be making the most of your patio throughout the winter, it will leave you with something nicer to look out at, rather than a mud bath. It will also mean that should you venture into the garden this winter, you will have solid ground to stand upon, rather than tracing mud back into the house.
The improvements don’t have to stop at a simple patio. You may be considering a pathway through your garden to help give you more mobility without walking over grass or through the plants. So why not talk to us about having this to match your new patio, or even your existing patio.

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