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Choosing Perfect Brickwork for Your Home

07 Jun 2019

If you’re undertaking a home renovation or new build project, then choosing the best brickwork to fit your house design is crucial.
Here at Ian’s Property Maintenance, we have a wealth of experience in providing brickwork for all kinds of properties from all sorts of eras.

The brick pattern of your home plays a huge role in maximising the strength and durability of the structure plus it adds plenty of visual appeal. With plenty to choose from we are going to look at a number of patterns that could fit with your design.

The Most Popular Types of Brickwork

Brick walls can be load-bearing walls, or they can be added to homes for decorative purposes such as veneer walls. While structural walls need solid structural bonds, decorative walls can use any bond pattern.

Here are five choices of pattern we’d recommend –

  1. Stretcher Bond/Running Bond – One of the most commonly used brick bonds this is very easy to lay and is frequently used for –
    • Sleeper Walls
    • Partition Walls
    • Divisional Walls
    • Chimney Stacks
  2. English Bond – English bond is mostly used in masonry works, with the bond comprising of alternating courses of headers and stretchers.
  3. Stack Bond – All of the bricks in a stack bond are plainly loaded on top of each other and held with mortar with all the bonds perfectly aligned.
  4. Dutch Bond – A variation on the English Bond, this consist of alternate courses of headers and stretchers and is perfect to construct strong corners along the wall that are subjected to excessive loads.
  5. Diagonal Bond – Ideal for walls of two to four brick thickness, diagonal bonds are usually introduced at every 5th or 7th course along the height of the wall. The bricks are placed end to end in such a way that extreme corners of the sequence remain in contact with the stretchers.

The Finest Brickwork and Property Maintenance in Stafford

Ian’s Property Maintenance has a rich history of property maintenance in Stafford including the finest brickwork.
If you’d like to know more about working with us to transform the look of your home, please get in touch today.


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