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Business Friendly Kitchen Fitters in Stafford

13 May 2019

Workplaces are becoming more flexible with regards to dress codes and working hours meaning your kitchen needs to cater for all.
Working with Ian’s Property Maintenance’ kitchen fitters in Stafford we will create a truly unique business space that’s much more than a kettle, sink and microwave.
There is a growing trend amongst businesses of investing in high-quality kitchens which have resulted in increased productivity amongst their workforce.

Choosing your Design with Kitchen Fitters in Stafford

In a fast-paced office setting, it’s important to remember the kitchen triangle when deciding on the look of your revamped kitchen space.
The triangle is a three-pointed zone of productivity with your fridge, cooker and sink at each end with all in close proximity to each other to ensure an efficient kitchen area.

Remember your kitchen will need to be prepared for multiple team members making different types of food all at the same time, so having the kitchen triangle will help achieve this.
Make sure your kitchen stands out with eye-catching tiles designs such as checkerboard colours adding creativity and vibrancy to the room.

Kitchen Fitters in Stafford with Safety in Mind

Health and safety are of paramount importance in the workplace, so having your kitchen located near an emergency exit in case disaster strikes will help with your risk assessment of the building.
Ensure you place plugs far away from water sources and if you’d like to install a hot water tap make sure you have warning signs in the close vicinity to help reduce workplace accidents.
Having multiple microwaves, toasters and a backup kettle (if the hot water tap is being used) on standby will keep your team happy. This will stop workers queueing to use the equipment and perhaps becoming disgruntled.

Affordable Kitchen Fitters in Stafford

Ian’s Property Maintenance is the leading kitchen fitters in Stafford because we balance quality work with affordability.
If you’d like to know more about our impressive portfolio of work, please get in touch today and let us help you transform your kitchen from tired to eye-catching.

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