Autumn Home Repairs

30 Sep 2021

As we enter autumn, we see a number of things changing around the exterior of our homes. From the colours changing on the trees to the leaves falling to the ground. The rain soaking the ground, turning your soil in your borders to a bit of a muddy bog and the lawn into a swamp. So how can we ensure that the changes in weather aren’t having an impact on our home?


As the weather has started to get wetter, we find that we may be taking our gutters for granted. That is until they start to show signs of significant ageing. This will be when you start to notice unusual rain dropping from the perimeter of your house. This can be caused by cracks in your guttering, the guttering being filled with debris such as leaves, and even the guttering coming away from the wall and tilting.
When you start to notice any of the above, you will want to consider replacing your guttering.
The average lifespan of guttering, whether it be uPVC, aluminium or galvanised steel is 20 years. However, if your guttering has been installed in the last 10 years, this could be much higher thanks to new processes. So if you are looking up at your guttering as it starts to leak, and wondering how old it is, it might be worth considering swapping it out.


If you completed your Good Weather Home Checks, you may have noticed some small issues with your roofing. At the time these may have seemed very insignificant, especially during the nicer weather. However, now that we have had a few heavy downpours you may have seen these issues worsen. Tiles that had slightly moved have now shifted to reveal a larger gap, small cracks have now become broken tiles and the moss that was covering gaps has been pulled out by the wind and rain to reveal gaping holes. It’s time to call the experts in for a few repairs!
For the majority of homes, these issues can all be rectified with some smaller repairs, providing they have not caused further issues to the structure of the roof. However, if the structure of the roof has been compromised, or there are more repairs required than are economically feasible, it may be that a new roof is required. The team at Ians Property Maintenance will be happy to visit and provide you with some advice.

In Time For Winter

With the winters here in the UK getting harsher each year, we want to ensure that your home is winter-ready as soon as possible. So if you are requiring any home repairs, get in touch with the team as soon as possible to ensure we can get you booked in this side of Christmas.
Our team will endeavour to make your home as winter-ready as possible!

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